28 November 2014

Opal One Minute Treatment: Deep Repairing

I've been looking for a hot oil hair treatment at the Watson's store a couple of months ago and I stumbled upon this. It has 3 available variants and you can choose from Anti- Dandruff (blue tube), Daily Nourishing (orange tube) and the Deep Repairing (pink tube). I chose the pink tube because my hair would badly need a repair! Haha.. So the pink tube is a deep repairing product that treats dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. What decided me to purchase this is the "one minute treatment". I have tried other hot oil treatments and you would need to wait for about 15-20 minutes after you have applied it in your hair. Well, I don't have much time for that so I decided to try on this one minute treatment. 

  • makes my hair soft, smooth and flat
  • convenient and easy to use
  • handy and hassle free
  • smells good
  • works in just a minute

  • has small orange beads mixed in the cream which I don't like in my hair.
  • can cause hair fall when used more than the recommended usage
  • the effect lasts for two days
  • it has a lot of chemicals 
  • it contains paraben which is a harmful chemical

Repurchase: No.

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