19 July 2014

Vaseline Instant Fair Lotion: How true?

Try it, to believe it.

I think this is the appropriate line for Vaseline's Instant Fair Lotion. I have seen Vaseline's TV commercial a lot of times but I hadn't really paid much attention to it because some commercials uses magic (edited photos) to their product and I don't really believe in commercials. Another thing is I don't buy whitening lotions because I don't want to look like a vampire! haha.. Anways, I only decided to give this instant lotion a try because I wanted to apply it on my dark areas like my elbows and my knees. I only discovered this through a blog and can't believe with the results in the photos. I tried to read other blogs and they're saying the same thing that Vaseline instant fair lotion really works! Well for me to believe, I decided to bought one for myself and tried it. It does works. From the first time I tried it, I was really amazed with the results. My skin got fairer in an instant due to the microreflectors. Vaseline not only whitens but makes your skin smell good too. It also has skin lightening bio-actives that works deep within the epidermis to give long term whitening with regular use. Plus, it has protective triple sunscreens to protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays. Now you can be sure this product can provide you instant fair while protecting your skin!

  • has an instant brightening effect
  • smells good
  • has triple sunscreen ingredient
  • wears out when you get perspired
  • my skin feels sticky after a few hours
  • requires more effort to rub and blend it in your skin due to it's pinkish white cream
Repurchase: Maybe.

09 July 2014

Watsons Beauty Buffet: Facial Masks

Wanna pamper yourself and feel refreshed? Why don't you try these facial masks by Beauty Buffet! It is made in Taiwan and comes with a cute packaging. Your skin will appear more supple, tightened and refreshed! It has botanical extracts that help in moisturizing and nourishing your skin. It leaves a nice mild scent too! You can purchase this at any Watsons store and it's only 2 for 79 php. I'll definitely repurchase this!

Here are some variants:
  • Apple Evening Primrose  (Repair & Refine)
  • Caviar & Bioptide  (Smooth & Supple)
  • CO Q10 & Yogurt (Firm & Smooth)
  • Green Tea & Grape Seed (Soothe & Protect)
  • Vitamin C & Neroli (Revitalise & Brighten)
  • White Tea & Ginkgo (Rejuvinate & Revitalise
  • Cherry Blossom (Pure & Translucent)
  • Charcoal & Cypress (Purifying & Oil Control)

I tried the Charcoal & Cypress facial mask and I'm so loving it! It deeply cleanses & purify pores and helps maintain balance, refine pores while helping retain the moisture. I so love the scent of the essence!

Now why don't you try this yourself and tell me your Beauty Buffet experience! Thanks for reading! xoxo