25 March 2013

Studded Ombre Shorts by Ripples

Last Friday I bought an ombre short through an online shop in Facebook called Ripples. Ripples is an online shop that sells tops, ombre and aztec highwaisted shorts, aztec bandage skirts, galaxy printed leggings, skater skirts, sunnies and a lot more! You'll surely enjoy shopping online and you can choose from different designs that they have. Well I decided to buy this studded ombre shorts because it's included in my wishlist last Christmas and I've been wanting to have these since last year! I just wanted to be fashionable this summer season and wear something fresh, colorful and comfortable. :)

 High waisted ombre shorts by Ripples

This is my DIY studded shorts.

Wearing the studded ombre shorts paired with a colorful owl top for a perfect summer look.

Contact number: 0917-313-1314 

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