20 September 2012

A Trip To Davao!

 The new Iloilo Airport.

 Checking in with my twin and aunt.

 While waiting for our flight.

Inside the Iloilo Airport.

My first airplane ride!

The view of Iloilo from the airplane.

 Finally, we have arrived at Davao City! A pic with my parents and with my aunt and uncle.


 At Davao City Airport.


 What's great about Davao City is, they are a smoke-free city. They have a non-smoking law that has a maximum penalty of 10,000 php.

 The Davao Crocodile Park is an establishment that showcases a ‘state of the art’ crocodile farming system in the Philippines. It has the most recent crocodile farm design equipped with modern facilities and equipments. See more.

 With my siblings.


At Ostrich Ranch

 Albino Burmese Phyton

 White bellied eagle

 Siberian Tiger

Yellow snake

 Burmese Phyton


Riverfront Corporate City, 8000 Ma-a, Philippines

For more information about Davao Crocodile Park,
visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Davao-Crocodile-Park/104282479617020
visit their website: http://www.davaocrocodilepark.com

Lost in the Wilderness of Antique

Last February, my parents and I together with my sister went to Antique. It was fiesta at my cousin's place and we were invited for a lunch. It was a long time that I haven't went back to Antique and I really miss going back and forth to this place every summer. My mother is from Antique and Antique is considered to be my second home. When I was still a kid, my family would visit this place every summer. What I enjoyed going to Antique is eating fresh fruits and breathing fresh air. I also like swimming at Batuan Falls in Carawisan (my mother's birthplace) and hiking the mountains. Most of all, bonding with my cousins and relatives is the best experience I wouldn't forget. I have a lot of fun experiences at Antique that's why I love going back to this place!

At Igpanulong, Antique

  We were searching for our cousin's house and we couldn't find it! There were a few houses down the hill but we weren't sure if it's my cousin's house. 

We got a bit lost finding my cousin's house because it was situated down the hill and we where still in the middle of the hill finding for the path that will lead to their house.

 My twin sister and I got tired from walking up and down the hill so, we took a moment to stop by and appreciate nature!

 After a long walk, finally we found the house! That is the fence of their house and it does have a great view of the mountain.

Smelling fresh air and and having a great view of the mountains is worth going back to this place.
Even though we didn't stayed in Antique for a longer time, I still had a great time spending my day at such a beautiful place.

Amazing Journey @ Garin Farm Inland Resort

Every year, it is a routine in our family and with our relatives to visit churches during holy week. This time they decided that we go to a different place and that was Garin Farm Inland Resort. It was located in San Joaquin, Iloilo and it's an hour drive from the city.

This is a picture taken outside Garin Farm together with my sisters and my cousins.
As we went inside Garin Farm, we were amazed how they maintained the place clean and green.
We saw lots of hanging vegetables that were organically grown. 
Beautiful grown flowers were also seen along the path.
At the right side of the path, we could see animal houses. Among the animals that the farm breeds are chickens, goats, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys, sheep, and other livestock as application of integrated farming.

This is the modern ilonggo farmer. What makes this farmer modern is that he has a cellphone hanging around his neck!
This is the Bahay Kubo that shows you how to produce vegetables, fruits, and livestock. 
This is Garin Farm's Executive Conference Room.

When we arrived at the hilltop, this is what we found. You can do single kayak, double kayak, pedal boat or rubber boat.

 You can also do horseback riding or zipline.
 If you want you could stay at their air-conditioned hilltop rooms. They have family, double, or single rooms available. 

 To have a refreshing and relaxing visit, try to take a dip in their hilltop swimming pool.
The entrance to the Divine Mercy Cross. The entrance was constructed with a low beam to remind all guests to bow before the Anointed One and give due reverence.

 As you make your way to the Divine Mercy Cross, you will see exquisite replication of Noah's Ark.
The way to the Divine Mercy Cross.

 To reach the Divine Mercy Cross, you must journey through the 456 steps.
My twin sister with the pleasant scenery behind her.

The breathtaking panorama of nature.
I finally reached the Divine Mercy Cross and it was worth the climb. Even though my knees were shaking, I was still in awe when I saw the beautiful view of nature.

 When I reached the Divine Mercy Cross, I had a picture taken as an evidence that I had survived the 456 steps! It was such a breathtaking experience!
Garin Farm Inland Resort
Tel: +63 033 314 75 55
+63 916 667 6851

For map direction, CLICK HERE.
For more information about Garin Farm Inland Resort,
visit their website http://www.garinfarm.com/ or
visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GarinFarmInlandResort