11 January 2013

University of San Agustin: A Day at my Alma Mater

Landscaped gardens

Yesterday I went back to my school to get the papers I needed. Together with my twin sister, we strolled around the campus to see what's new. It's been three years since I've graduated and I have not returned to my alma mater quite sometime. We sat on the benches near the canteen and seeing the students exchanging conversations make me miss my college days. I miss studying and going to school. I miss my classmates and our laugh trips. I also miss wearing my school uniform! haha Those were the few things I miss during my college days. So to continue, after I have gotten the papers I needed, my twin and I passed by the main entrance of the school. I was amazed to see that the front portion was turned into a garden! They landscaped it and I was happy to see they planted green carabao grass and flowers. I was sad at first to see the big old trees cutted down but I know that they did this for a reason. I know the trees will grow back in time and it will make my school more beautiful.

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  1. Hi! Nice photos !... pwd ko share photo mo? thanks gid !

    direct ko lang link sang site mo sa courtesy ko. ;)