24 January 2013

Miss Dinagyang 2013

Last night, I was fortunate to witness the Miss Dinagyang 2013 Pageant Night at our television! Haha..too bad I haven't got any tickets for the pageant night. At first I didn't know that there was a live telecast by the Sky cable channel. Luckily, I scanned through the channels and found the live telecast. The swimsuit competition had just ended and the long gown competition is about to start. After the long gown competition, they had the interview. After that they announced the winners for the best in interview, evening gown, talent, fantasy makeup, festival costume and swimwear.

Here's the list:

Best in Interview: Victoria Oke
Best in Evening Gown: Froilene Villanueva
Best in Talent: Victoria Oke
Best in Festival Costume: Froilene Villanueva
Best in Fantasy Make Up: Justine Silayro
Best in Swimwear: Froilene Villanueva
Miss Photogenic: Froilene Villanueva
Best in Production Number: Froilene Villanueva
Miss Congeniality: Rojessa Ann Peregil

Then they selected the top 3 and had the final interview. After the interview they announced the 1st and 2nd runner up and the Miss Dinagyang 2013.

Miss Dinagyang 2013
Emily Victora Oke

1st Runner Up
Rojessa Anne Peregil

2nd Runner Up
Froilene Villanueva

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