20 September 2012

Lost in the Wilderness of Antique

Last February, my parents and I together with my sister went to Antique. It was fiesta at my cousin's place and we were invited for a lunch. It was a long time that I haven't went back to Antique and I really miss going back and forth to this place every summer. My mother is from Antique and Antique is considered to be my second home. When I was still a kid, my family would visit this place every summer. What I enjoyed going to Antique is eating fresh fruits and breathing fresh air. I also like swimming at Batuan Falls in Carawisan (my mother's birthplace) and hiking the mountains. Most of all, bonding with my cousins and relatives is the best experience I wouldn't forget. I have a lot of fun experiences at Antique that's why I love going back to this place!

At Igpanulong, Antique

  We were searching for our cousin's house and we couldn't find it! There were a few houses down the hill but we weren't sure if it's my cousin's house. 

We got a bit lost finding my cousin's house because it was situated down the hill and we where still in the middle of the hill finding for the path that will lead to their house.

 My twin sister and I got tired from walking up and down the hill so, we took a moment to stop by and appreciate nature!

 After a long walk, finally we found the house! That is the fence of their house and it does have a great view of the mountain.

Smelling fresh air and and having a great view of the mountains is worth going back to this place.
Even though we didn't stayed in Antique for a longer time, I still had a great time spending my day at such a beautiful place.

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