18 September 2012

Manggahan Festival @ Guimaras

  It feels so summer with my floral print top paired with my comfy shorts and slippers.

Guimaras is not only known for its sweet mangoes but also for its tourist attractions. There are a lot of resorts that you can visit with white sand beach and cool waters. While enjoying its scenic beauty, you can also do some fun activities like paintball, zipline, snorkeling and island hopping.

 During the Manggahan Festival, mangoes are sold for different prices. Some sell it between php70-80 per kilo but that depends on how good you are at talking to the vendor! Haha!

 Everytime I see green mangoes..I drool! Much better when paired with bagoong! :p

 Guimaras.. mainly known for its sweet mangoes! Too bad I haven't tasted their sweet mangoes when I went there. Guess what? They ran out of stock! They were so many people lining up for the eat all you can mangoes!

 At the trade fair not only mangoes can be seen but also lots of beautiful flowers.

Dried mango slices one of Guimaras' best.

Here are some of the delicacies that I found at the trade fair. So yummy! I don't know which one to pick!

Although I haven't eaten those yellow sweet mangoes, I did enjoy my visit there during the Manggahan Festival. And I'm sure the next time I would visit there, I would surely join the eat all you can mangoes! ;)

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