10 December 2012

DIY: Double Scallop Skirt

Christmas season is here! It will be a month full of red and green colors. Good thing I found this green skirt in our storage room and then thought of cutting it short and making some curves to have some style. I then searched the web and found some tips on how to make a scallop skirt.

Here are the needed materials for the project..

an old unused skirt

scissors, needle & thread, badge pin, pencil marker, pins

The first thing you need to do is to cut the skirt according to your desired length. Once you finished cutting, use the badge pin and trace the upper curve using the pencil marker to the bottom of your skirt. Then cut the traces you made on your skirt. 

This is what it will look like once you finished cutting it.

Since, I was not satisfied with the length of my skirt because I find it too short I decided to have another layer of scallop cloth. So what I did is to repeat the same process to my remaining pieces of my skirt. Using my pins, I pinned the second cloth to the skirt so it would not fall of when I sew it. Then I sew the second layer cloth to the bottom of the skirt.

This is my finished masterpiece!

                          with flash                                 without flash

The scallop skirt when worn..

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